Why it is important to manage diesel in a generator

Management of diesel fuel in the best diesel generators is an important factor to consider when operating this machine. Generator owners know that proper maintenance of their generators includes checking fuel and oil levels, wiping battery connections and inspecting the control panels among other steps. While these steps are very important, proper management of diesel fuel is also part of maintaining a diesel generator. If you want to protect your home when the power supply is interrupted, there are three things you should at least have. These include a reliable generator to offer backup power, a well-maintained generator and an instant supply of fuel that you will use to run the generator during the outage.


A generator needs clean fuel if it is to run efficiently for a long time. The advantage with diesel fuel is that it can last for a period of up to 12 months even when it is not properly maintained. Despite this, the diesel you are likely to use in your onan diesel generator comes with many additives. Some of these additives when mixed in the generator can damage the machine. Therefore, you must always ensure that the diesel fuel you are using in your generator is clean. But since many regulations in the oil industry have made it difficult to find diesel fuel with no additives, this simply means that your generator requires a lot of monitoring and management because the onan 7500 quiet diesel generator is more susceptible to sludge build up and bacterial growth. Although diesel fuel can last up to 12 months in the generator, a point to understand is that diesel deteriorates at some point in time. If it continues to stay in the generator for long, it will degenerate and destroy the generator. Therefore, proper diesel fuel management in a generator is essential to prevent the machine from getting damaged.