What are the types of blankets

Blankets are different from bedsheets as they are used for a different purpose than sheets. These also have different thickness and are used primarily in winters or in cold climates. Blankets are heavier than bedsheets as well. They are used for bedding which is extra warm, during travel, for outdoor use, for throws and for guest or kids rooms.

Blankets usually come in different sizes. There are the lovey ones which are 10” x 10”, there are security blankets which are 14” x 17”, stroller blankets which are 30” x 35”, receiving ones which are 40”x 40”, Toddler ones which are 42” x 52”, swaddle ones which are 47” x 47”, crib blankets 45” x 60”, throws which are 52” x 60”, twin blankets of 66”x90”, double bed blankets 90” x 108”, queen size blankets which are 90” x 108” and king sized ones which are 108” x 108”. Blankets traditionally were made of wool because wool is material which is breathable, warm and it has natural fire retardant properties. However, there are various materials which blankets are now made of. Some are natural and some are synthetic. Others are a blend of both synthetic and natural materials. Due to the huge demand of blankets every year by all kinds of people, most of the retailers prefer to buy Cheap Blankets in Bulk along with Wholesale Gloves as the only thing which probably sells more than cheap blankets are Wholesale Winter Gloves. These also are stocked by the retailers and wholesalers along with sweaters, shawls, mufflers and scarves. Every year people buy a lot of winter wear and this is why it makes more sense for retailers and wholesalers to buy these articles in bulk to be sold the moment the weather starts to turn chilly and cold.