What are the details regarding shields

It is possible to attack without the shield being broken. Rather than that, the enemy base should be attacked as it will decrease time from the shield and you can even browse different enemy bases freely.

Shields are used in the game as they give a huge window of time to allow the collectors to build up cash without being bombarded by attackers constantly. However, the more you play, you will at various times be faced with a dilemma as to whether you should give up the shield time or should you wait out the shield. The answer to this dilemma is based on how upgraded the collectors are and also it is based on how much time is remaining on the shield. Infact, even if you have 6 upgraded collectors, you don’t make much even with the 16 hour shield. You can also make the resources with few consecutive raids. This happens when there is lesser than 8 hours on the shield. When a 12 hour shield value is compared to the cost of the opponent one needs to weigh the pros and the cons before choosing either sides or either strategies. The player if he is at Town Hall Level 10 and is upgraded to Level 6 the player can produce Dark Elixir at a rate that is fast enough to justify the shield which is waited out. Even 2 upgraded drills on TH9 could be worth it.
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