Travel luxuriously with Singapore to Penang bus

Genting is one of the most amazing destinations for an outing. This place is popular as the city of entertainment due to the variety of recreational activities that are provided here. Some of these are indoor, outdoor theme parks, luxurious hotels, 90 food outlets, shopping complex, about 60 fun rides, and 10 other leisure places. This place has amazing weather and attracts local as well as foreign tourists. It is a must visit tourist destination of Malaysia.

There is no direct flight between these places and a person has to take a bus from Singapore to Penang . The time required to reach Genting is usually 5 to 6 hours and is dependent upon the traffic conditions of the route from Singapore to Penang. The road to genting highlands arevery well built as well as they are safe to travel. The journey begins from the mushroom farm bus terminal, and takes you into a dreamland filled with pleasant weather and amazing scenery throughout the journey. The luxury coaches are very comfortable and suitable for all. There are mostly two types of coaches- one with personal entertainment and the other is the standard VIP coach which are used for routes from Singapore to Penang. The coaches are well equipped and are made according to the needs of the passengers. The seats are comfortable and properly cushioned with armrests. Luggage racks are big and sufficient to carry baggage of the passengers. The buses are made in such manner that they provide satisfaction and comfort to the passengers and they are happy that they selected the Singapore to Penang bus.
The journey from Singapore to Penang bus is so delightful and amazing for the tourists that it becomes one of their most cherished trips. The credit for this goes to the beautiful weather, landscapes, and the comfortable coaches. For booking tickets of Singapore to Penang bus you can check the website