Traditional Radio to Internet Radio technology

Everything needs to be modified, advanced so as to keep pace in tech world. Means of communications are also modified decade by decade by changing the technologies. The oldest and the most common means of communication is radio. Music and listening news had been the best and favorite thing for most of the people. People from past are listening to these using traditional radios. Today with advance technology and internet, the radio had been advanced to Internet Radio . Internet Radio has been popular among the young generations. But traditional are also favorite for most of the people, especially the old generations.

Traditional Radio vs Internet Radio Before discussing the differences between the two types of radio, let us know more about them. Traditional Radio is the radio which every young teen have seen during their childhood. Radios were switched on at the wakeup times and were switched off during sleeping time. They are very easily operated using just on/off button and tuning them to your favorite channels. The channel vendors use to know that which people are listening to them, so they use to play music according to them. Internet radios are the advance radios which are operated using internet connections. These radios have the option to listen ad free. Alike traditional radios, in internet radios you can listen to your favorite artists, music and also you can skip the song you don’t want to listen.
Which Radio is best? If we compare the feature of both radios, then we come to the conclusion that Internet Radio is the best. Traditional Radio do not allow you to skip unwanted music, ads etc. While Internet radio allows you to move on to your favorite station, music or artists. Choice making in Internet Radio is easy while you can’t make it in traditional ones. Since internet is becoming fast and accessible from every place, soon internet radio will take over the traditional ones.