Top indian tv shows

Introduction With television intruding every house and becoming an important source of entertainment for every person, numbers of channels have sprouted up broadcasting daily soaps for daily entertainment of people and to give them some material to chit-chat daily. The channels like star plus popular for their prime time shows like Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

has been able to glue many viewers to its channel. People always like light drama for past time during or after dinner. They actually tend to pick up habits and fashion style of these characters and try relating their stories to them, which is a major reason for hit of these shows. Top Shows with High TRPs There are many shows which are screened during prime time and help people escaping and forgetting their hectic day. Some of them with their stories are:- 1. Yeh hai Mohabbatein- The love story between a Punjabi guy and south indian girl, this serial has evolved over two generations with the completion of third year of its telecast. People try not to miss even single episode about how they are carrying the responsibility of a family. 2. Bandhi Yudh ke- The latest show about the imprisoned soldiers who were captivated at time of Kargil and returned after 17 years to their families, this shows reflects emotions along with patriotism. 3. Kum kum Bhagya- With Abhi and Pragya, the show displays amazing love and care between them and reflect a daily life couple through them. This makes many Indian couples follow them and get motivated. Conclusion

With so many fans following and crazy fan following these shows like yeh hai mohabbatein based on stories of every second house is getting high sponsors, more TRP and more producers. The ROI of these top TV shows is actually researchers are studying upon to understand Indian population.