Tips for Buying a Hunting Crossbow: Not Just Speed

To have success in the hunt, some believe, your crossbow is all about arrow speed. At least, it’s believed that’s the best point of comparison between any two crossbows – the faster one is the one to buy. But you should remember that in crossbows, speed is the combined result achieved by string travel and draw weight. So, if you compare the meanest bows on the online archery store with the faster arrow speeds, you may end up wasting your money since you just can’t match up to the crossbow’s potential because of your height, condition, age etc. limitations.

Why speed should not be the only criteria Speeds for each crossbow will be listed in FPS, feet per second. Can you be sure that the FPS of every crossbow was calculated using the same arrow weights? The best online archery supplies portals will usually measure all speeds with the lightest arrows, to tell you what the maximum potential of the crossbow is. But you still can’t be sure. That’s not all. When you’re hunting deer, 30 FPS is usually enough and anything over 240 FPS will shoot arrows with the same trajectory no matter the speed. Instead of looking only at speeds at the archery store onlineyou’re shopping from, there are a couple of other things you should consider. Tips to buy a comfortable hunting crossbow Look for a crossbow that you can actually enjoy using. Think about safety. Don’t go for more draw weights than you’re comfortable with. The same goes for string travel. You don’t want to strain your shoulders or back while you hunt. Also think about the crossbow’s accuracy. In hunting, a slower, heavier crossbow that shoots an accurate arrow with the most amount of kinetic energy is best. Kinetic energy will translate to the power of penetration. Lastly, buy a crossbow that fits your height. You should be able to comfortable cock it using a roping aid. Whatever you do, don’t go for cranks, since they can be noisy and slow. Follow these tips and you’ll find yourself the perfect hunting aid.