The Star Wars Franchise: The Greatest Movie Franchise

Motion picture became a common event at the turn of the 20th century, before that time, stories were told in for of live plays to an audience at theaters. This form of the dramatic art, although enjoyable to the audience at the time, leaves much to be desired in comparison to the way stories are told in for of movies today. These plays had nothing in terms of special effects and film editing, some of the backbones of the great movies of today. The biggest movies made in the last two decades have come in the form of franchises. A movie franchise is a group of films made sequentially, that carry a general idea and each playing a role as an important unit of a bigger story. Any layman, when asked, can mention the greats like Harry Potter, Batman, Rocky, Superman and perhaps the greatest of them all, the Star wars franchise.

Spanning through decades bad boasting of some of the finest talents in the movie industry over the years, it is no surprise that this bundle of awesomeness that we have been blessed to watch is ranked very highly in the entertainment industry. The influence of the franchise on popular culture all over the world cannot be overemphasized. Several characters from the film have been made into toys for kids and costumes to mark festivals such as Halloween. The ferocious acting of Harrison Ford through the years has been a major highlight of the trilogy. The staggering and Felicity Jones and the amazing acting of Keira Knightley, who also appears in another great franchise, the pirates of the Caribbean, bring extra glamor to this trilogy. The rogue one forms a great part of the star wars success and is a must watch film. Other installments to this epic franchise include star wars 7, a box office success and recipient of several awards and nominations. Directed by one of the most prolific directors in the industry, Gareth Edwards, there was little surprise about all the accolades earned by the film. Felicity Jones and Diego Luna are the stars of this epic film that must be seen by every eye. The star wars battlefront is a game adaption of the franchise with immense graphic qualities and action packed. A good way to chill and have some fun.