Silver bullion or gold: How did they become a great investment?

Gold and silver are both known for their artistic value in different forms of jewellery but apart from decorative purposes, they also serve as a brilliant investment in the form of gold and silver bullion UK bars and coins. Many families and residents of the UK and Europe are leaning towards purchasing bullion bars and coins as a fall back for a rainy day deep into the future. So why are they so valuable and where did they come from?

How are the value of gold and silver bullion bars and coins estimated? The value of bullion is estimated by the gold bullion UK market by the value of its precious metals content. This is defined by its purity and mass. One method used to check the purity of gold bullion is called fire assay. This technique has been used for centuries. How is the bullion trade carried out? The bullion markets like the London Bullion Market are over-the-counter markets for the wholesale trading of silver and gold bullion bar. These can also be purchased online from the Suisse gold website. The prices of these are understandably varying with the date and time based on the global market which affects the evaluation of the metals. The European Union (EU) annually refreshes their list of coins that can be treated as bullion coins for investment. Bullion coins are of various weights, varying around 1 troy ounce in multiples or fractions of 1 troy ounce. A very rare few coins though are produced in weights reaching kilogrammes and heavier. The popular standard gold bullion bar that is traded between central banks and dealers is the Good Delivery gold bar which weighs up to 400 troy ounces. The UK and EU recognise the minimum purity of bullion coins as 99.5% for gold bullion UK and 90% for bullion coins. Thus, they are great alternatives as concentrated big money investments for the future.