Marijuana Use and Health Care

Marijuana continues to be the most highly abused drug in The United States. The arguments for and against the legalization of marijuana continue to escalate. This piece isn't meant to establish the stage for a legalization argument about marijuana. Instead, I need warning professionals whose patients under their care test positive for marijuana. Marijuana use continues to be prohibited by Federal law and patients who self- mistreatment or medicate marijuana canada shouldn't be prescribed controlled substances.

Alas, many doctors in many cases are confronted with the predicament of whether to prescribe controlled substances to patients who drug test positive for marijuana. This can be especially the situation in states that have changed state laws to legalize marijuana. The Federal guidelines don't alter that doctors must follow. As a former profession DEA representative, I remind doctors that marijuana continues to be an illegal Schedule I controlled substance with no approved medical use in the U.S. The truth is as mentioned in the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution that all state laws have Federal supervision. Alternative types of treatment need to be executed other than prescribing controlled substances when a doctor becomes aware that the patient is using marijuana. Doctors also need to take action if any prohibited drug use is disclosed to send the individual for treatment and cessation, including marijuana. Doctors also needs to remember that the marijuana made now is a lot more powerful than the past and using high potency marijuana Canada in combination with controlled substances just isn't safe for patients.