Leather Weekend bag is a multipurpose bag for weekend outings

Weekend bag

Made up of leather. The leather weekend bag is designed keeping the needs during a weekend outing. It has a medium strap to carry, zip with lock system for safety. It comes in medium and larger in size comes in a different shape but rectangular and little oval shape is very popular.

Different types of the leather weekend bag:

• Barrel: It got its name from its shape and size like a barrel. It is usually a shoulder length bag. • Bowling bag purse: This is used for charging bowling balls, very popular in the 1990s. It is a "retro" style bag meant for women. • Bucket bag: It is a bucket shape larger or medium-sized, with drawstring closure and shoulder straps. • Clutch: It is designed as an evening bag. A handbag rectangular in shape is designed without a handle. A detachable chain strap is used to carry • Pocketbook: Rectangular shape purse. Small in size. • Note: With open completely top with medium and large handle bag. You can say it is big like a leather weekend bag but little different in shape and without zipping. • Trapezoid: made of a stiff material having a trapezoid shape. • Doctor's bag: Getting inspired from the Victorian era, it is designed for making house calls. • Pouch: Small moneybag, work as an external pocket. • Half-moon: A half-moon shaped bag. • Messenger bag: Inspired by bags worn by an urban postal boy who delivered, message and mail. It is a modern silhouette with a long strap which worn across the body while carrying it. • Baguette: It is a narrow, small in size and rectangular in shape purse. • Wristlet: A bracelet type of strap is used to carry this small. But among all these bags leather weekend bag has its own advantages when space, style and safety is a concern. You can get this bag in any market or can order one through online.