How you can enjoy high anonymity online using private proxies

Proxy servers like the scrapebox proxy provides users with several IP addresses to browse the internet. Depending on the type of proxy server a person is using, shared or private, the proxy server will assign an IP address exclusively to the user. In most cases, however, shared proxy servers do not assign different IP addresses to their users. Rather, these proxy servers use their own IP addresses. This means that when a person on a shared proxy server sends a request to a website through the proxy, the website will see the proxy’s IP address and not the user’s IP address. This has a disadvantage whereby if the IP address was used for spamming websites, the IP address can be blocked by the websites. With private proxies, however, these will assign several IP addresses to the user. The user’s IP address will not be known. In addition, the user can visit the same website every day and each time the website will see a different IP address. This is very important because the website or any other intercepting proxy may not be able to determine the location of the user. This can guarantee more security, privacy and anonymity. Most proxies for scrapbook are shared proxies.

When you buy proxy, therefore, it is advisable that you ensure the proxy assigns you several IP addresses. This will ensure a high level of anonymity when browsing the internet. Hiding your online footprint is very important when accessing blocked websites or censored content. If the government is monitoring activities on the website, for example, you will still be able to access the content but the government will find a hard time in tracing you. This is because anytime the government traces you they end up getting to the proxy server whose IP address is nonexistent. And if the proxy encrypts your information once you send it, it can take time before you are traced.