Does rehabilitation work as an effective treatment for substance addiction?

People struggling with drugs and alcohol are always advised to seek help from a Drug abuse rehab Austin. However, are rehab centers the best solution for people with drug and alcohol addiction? Many people have gone in and out of drug rehabilitation centers trying to seek the ultimate solution. There are those that have had more success while others have failed miserably and even ended up dying if Amy Winehouse’s case is anything to go by. While alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers are considered to be traditional forms of therapy that can help people struggling with addiction problems, there are those who believe that this form of therapy sometimes falls short of expectations.

One reason for this is that no addict is the same and one method of rehabilitating an addict may not be the best for rehabilitating a different addict. In some cases, it is not a rehab center that helps an addict recover from drug and alcoholism, but rather, the addict himself that is always the solution against abusing drugs and alcohol. For addicts who abuse more than one drug or constantly take a combination of ketamine, heroin, ecstasy, cocaine and alcohol, such addicts do not need a drug and alcohol addiction recovery Austin center to correct their addiction. Rather, such addicts need a hospital where they can be detoxifiedfirst, and their addiction problem treated. The solution to go to a rehab center may come later. There are many programs today that treat those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. For example, there are 12-steps plans available today such as the Alcohol Anonymous, which mostly embraces some aspects of abstinence, approach and heavily relies on higher power to offer the solution. Most alcohol treatment centers Austin offer AA programs for helping addicts. However, studies show that although AA is effective for many alcoholics, it must be done in combination with professional help.