Do take care of the people blocking and privacy tab on Facebook

The Facebook have been one of the box full of fun that have been used by the fans from a long time and also have been one of the boxes that is a mysterious one for the Facebook hacker too. We have discussed below some of the points if you take care then definitely you will fall less vulnerable to the security and have fallen prey to the professional hackers as well.

01. Make Facebook Tags Privacy Settings: You can also make your Facebook account by customizing your privacy settings. Meanwhile, you can stop people writing on your wall, also halt people not to look over what others had posted on your profile & also who can see your post in which were tagged? In short, Facebook allows you to connect in secure and safe way by providing you best service on its platform. These settings are very important as they have other issues too that can make you fall prey to como hackear facebook so do take care of privacy settings.
02. Freeze & Block People From Finding You on Facebook: You can definitely block people from finding you on Facebook by making changes in privacy settings. In the heading of "How You Connect" users you can modify privacy issues such as; who can search you via your provided e-mail id and phone number (#)? Who can send you request for friendship? To whom you have allowed to send you private message or inbox you? These settings will let you to have a better and secure account and protect your account from receiving junk and Facebook hacker for your account too. Hope the above tips to set privacy settings in your Facebook account help you. Step by step screen shots are present on our blog. If you need further assistance visit our blog or contact us.