1. Androgens and Testosterones – effects of more androgenic than pure testosterones

    It is generally more common these days to use more androgenic than pure testosterone for the purpose of having a good build. Anabolic androgenic steroids are synthetic variants of naturally occurring testosterones. Androgenic basically refers to increased male characteristics. Steroid is the class of the drugs being used. These are generally used to treat diseases like Aids and cancer which may be leading to loss of lean muscle mass.

    In order to enhance performance both athletes and non athletes are abused to androgenic steroids. This is basically done to improve their physical health. These steroids are taken usually for a period of a month or a week and then stopped for a week. This is because the continuous usage of more androgenic than pure testosterone may lead to several bad effects. Therefore you must be careful while its intake. Users often undertake stacking. Staking means combining different kinds of steroids to get better results and improve effectiveness. However this product has continued to be in use and give good results so far. Almost all are familiar about the effects and uses of these. This can be of great use when used carefully under professional assistance.
    The binding of androgen molecules are very immediate on the brain. This increases the release of some special hormones. Due to this process protein synthesis speeds up in the cell and this leads to body build and growth in apatite. This is however a newly found way to have attractive personality very fast. There is ...