1. Choosing what is the best motorcycle helmet

    Travelling and riding a motorcycle is an adventure indeed, even if it is riding it to work on a daily basis. Along with all kinds of travel, comes the safety of the travel. Like with the seat belt of the car, comes the helmet on a motorcycle or on any two wheeler vehicle. Therefore what is the best motorcycle helmet that one can buy? Along with safety one must look for comfort as well.

    The type of helmet depends on the type of bike as well. A sports biker requires a full face helmet which the safest helmet. Many daily commuters on motorcycles also use the full face helmet as they travel along highways. Adventure bikers use modular helmets, which are close to full face helmets, and modular helmets but have a support on the chin and flip up glass to reveal the face. Cruiser bike riders usually use the half shell helmets and old type bikers use open face helmets. Open face helmets offer more protection than other helmets. While trying on a helmet, one must make sure that the helmet sits snugly on the head. One must adjust it so that it does not tilt to one side but fits well. This may make it a little tight, but it should fit well. If it does not fit well, the helmet may push the head to one side, wind may enter the helmet or it may fall off the head. Once it is on the head, the helmet ...