1. Study Guides - Embrace Two New Study Customs

    It's common among high school students to cross the college doorsill with bad study habits. For students with learning disabilities, nevertheless, this shortfall, along with the unique challenges of college, can immediately place them on a downward spiral. Freshmen shortly learn that given the greater volume of reading in college, high school customs no more suffice. If students need to be successful on the college level a change in customs is needed. Under, locate two useful strategies which are simple to execute yet give effects that are important. Once these habits become second nature, new strategies can be slowly added by students to their repertoire, until they're content with their test results.

    Strategy 1: Review lecture notes within 24 hours There are many rationales reviewing notes after a lecture is a powerful custom: A. While the lecture is innovative in the mind, chances are you'll find a way to fill in examples and facts you did not have time to write down during the lecture. What's more, it is possible to mark areas of the lecture that were uncertain, in order to consult with the teacher before you're hopelessly confused. B. Immediate review begins to get stuff into your long-term memory. When a longer duration of time has elapsed, this doesn't happen. It is time to study for an examination, and in case a student hasn't reviewed study guides within 24 hours, the content certainly will take considerably more time to learn and ...

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    Time management When someone switches from school to college he or she faces lots of problem in academic as well as time management. Generally college duration and study pressure is more than a school. Where you have to spend most of the time of a day. After college it is very difficult to maintain a proper assignment regularly. At this time online site like college homework help are help a lot in making a good assignment in ales time. If you are ill or busy in some other things then you badly need someone who can help you one to one in your academic activity and in your assignments. Sometime assignments are play a major role in academic performance and grading a good and quality report or presentation is needed ...

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