Can't resist dancing and singing?

Jennifer Lopez is a renowned personality in the area of films and film related other services. She is a famous personality in the area of music, TV and Films. She has played lead roles in a number of movies and TV shows that have helped her gain huge popularity and ample money. A number of movies and TV programs made her to have net worth of $ 300 million. She lives in the world famous New York City in the USA.

She is presently of 46 years and possesses a strong health condition as she is a fitness freak. She has also hand on production and direction of movie parts and hence, she is a versatile producer as well as director. Dance is her passion and she has proven herself as a very good dancer. She got married three times and unfortunately none of them last longer. Hence the relationship for her has always been on a negative side. For her acting and dancing is much more than anything as she is a true lover of art. She also has got nomination for various awards in different categories. This leading actress also believes in hard work and true dedication to work that can bring the success the way one wants. She also has interest in many other business lines and will shortly start some of her new projects that can fetch some better values and some more millions to her pocket. She is much known for her natural beauty and the role she plays as she completely devotes to the role as a devoted artist to the acting. She balance well between TV shows and Films as well as other tasks of her profession. She is a role model of a number of upcoming artists in the industry of TV and Movies. click here to know more information singers net worth